Another defeat, this time at home, leaves Middlesbrough sitting agonisingly close to the bottom of the npower Championship this weekend – something that Boro fans can’t really understand. The 2-1 defeat yesterday, to rivals Leeds United, has placed even more pressure on Gordon Strachan as the chorus of boos at the the final whistle rained down on WGS.

In the week of his 1st-year anniversary as Middlesbrough Manager, the 53-year-old will have to hand in his report to Steve Gibson which should show Boro’s number 1 fan why he is still the man for the job. Unfortunately, for Strachan, his time at the Riverside is almost up with the disastrous results he has had in the first 11 matches of the season. Gibson will reflect on the results and think that 11 points from 11 games is certainly not what he had intended when appointing the former Celtic Manager as Boro boss in October 2009.

Our Chairman faces some very big decisions in the coming week – stick and bust or introduce fresh blood into the club? At least a new face, with different ideas, will give the team more energy to move on from the lacklustre start to the season.

Can Steve Gibson get this one right for the sake of the club and his finances? It’s a tough decision to make but we/I am sure it is the right one to make. Gordon Strachan has done his best to assemble a winning and consistent team in this league but has failed to make an impact with the budget and facilities at his disposal. We need to get another man in through the door, and Gibson needs to act quick, before the situation becomes stale and we end up scrapping in the bottom-half of the table after Christmas.

Strachan out? Who would you like to see in charge of Boro?

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8 thoughts to “Strachan Nervously Waits For Gibson Call

  • Stano

    Get him out, yesterday was a shambles. Score was flattering, they should have won by more!

  • Stockton Paul

    As much as i would love to see the back of WGS, can we really afford to get rid of him??

  • Kc

    Leeds united do not count you lot as a rival. In fact we nothing you.

  • Paul

    Tony Mowbray, Nigel Pearson, Colin Cooper, Graeme Souness, Paul Ince, Glenn Hoddle, Alan Curbishley – take your pick thats my shortlist

  • Ariff Ahmad

    My Choice Tony Mowbray, he has attacking minded manager base on club he manage score,

    even he has failure at celtic but i reckon he is good manager at wrong club.To manage Celtic like u manage manchester. its hard to handle big team.

    im sure mowbray will save boro!

  • Stockton Paul

    Mowbray would be most peoples choice and I think he would bring a competitive march on the Boro squad.

    Calm down Kc, you are still living the good old days of playing ‘the real’ United. Boro class your lot as a big match, we don’t care if you think we are a nothing club so bore off!

  • roving smoggy

    Is it me or do the same old names just keep cropping up, i would not mind but most of the “big” names like souness, hoddle, ince, etc etc have had more flops than a dying fish. And there is no point thinking of people like curbishly because he turned us down 12 months ago when we had bigger crowds and better players than we do now.

    We need a manager with a track record of making average players over perform in the championship, And i have no doubts that the man we need is Sean O’driscoll at Donny!

    Have watched them play about 10 times in last 2 years (working down here) and they play the best passing football in the division by a mile.

    Steve Gibson has to bring him to Boro as we have far more tallented players than driscoll has worked with previously and should play that type of football better.

    Who knows we could be the Arsenal of the north East next year. lol

  • Sam H

    I’ve just heard he’s handed in his resignation?


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