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Boro player Q&A with Stuart Whittingham

Check out the Boro Player Q&A Series below from Stuart Whittingham.

Enjoy reading about former Middlesbrough players giving insights about their time at Boro and also information about what they went on to do after their stay on Teesside.

Just click on one of the former Boro players below to read all about them.

David ArmstrongPart 1Part 2
Billy Ashcroft – Part 1Part 2
Ian Baird
Mark Brennan
Peter Brine
Andy Campbell
Terry Cochrane
John Craggs
Alan Comfort
Willie Falconer
Chris FreestonePart 1Part 2
Gary Gill
Gary Hamilton
Graeme Hedley
John Hendrie
John Hickton
Neil Madison
Jim Platt
Frank Spraggon
Bernie Slaven
Phil Stamp

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