new middlesbrough striker rudy gestede

new middlesbrough striker rudy gestede

Watching Leicester last season, and with us being a Championship team back then, you would take a point before the season started; however, they aren’t the team they were, and we aren’t the team we were either.

Yes it’s another point against the Champions of England but there needs to be a little perspective here; this isn’t the same Leicester side of last season and it was another opportunity to punish a side who we dominated for the majority of the game which we didn’t take.

I personally came away from the game a little frustrated. It felt to me like another game where we didn’t do enough to try and win the game when it was there for the taking. Bringing Leadbitter on with 2 mins to go? I’m shaking my head just writing that.

Karanka seems to play every game to draw and where I understand that AK doesn’t want to lose games, realistically we need to take a gamble once in a while, particularly when the other team didn’t look like much of a threat.

Defensively we are solid but why not roll the dice? AK doesn’t seem to realise that one win is worth 3 draws across 3 games, and although it seems obvious to say, it’s worth that gamble.

There is a difference between a being alive and actually living, being in the dream and actually living it; we seem to be happy that we have a heart beat right now rather than taking the chance to live our Premier League life. I understand that the aim is just survival but even though the potential is there, we don’t seem to be willing to explore what we can do. Maybe aiming for 17th is a risky business?

It was interesting to hear a non-Boro view on the game from my brother-in-law, a Man United fan (he can’t help it), who was at the match. He said that he couldn’t understand why we weren’t trying to push for a goal more and thought we should have 2 up top at home. Now there’s an idea.

traore middlesbrough player

There were plenty of positives to take from the game though. Clean sheet, Gibbo and Chambers both solid, and both Friend and Fabio look like cracking full backs. Traore looks like he’s getting better and looked a threat, despite his intermittent standard of final ball. His pace makes teams worry. I saw Leicester’s Fuchs comment on Twitter about playing against Usain Bolt.

It’s now the transfer window and hopefully we will come out of it with some positive signings.

We have Rudy signed up already and hopefully the Boro faithful will give him a chance. I’ve seen people ruling him out before he’s even kicked a ball which seems ludicrous. I don’t really understand the signing, particularly when Jordan Rhodes isn’t getting a sniff, but let’s see how he does. Back the lad and try and set him up to succeed. Players can need time to settle so let’s give him that luxury.

It will be interesting to see how we line up against Sheff Wed but the cup isn’t the priority. It’ll also be nice to see how Adam Reach is progressing as a footballer.

I’m looking forward to the next game and hope AK uses the opportunity to try some new things.

Come on Boro!

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