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United? You bet we are. With rumours of another bust-up between the manager and a player being played down this week, the message from the Boro dressing room is ‘together.’ A message reiterated and demonstrated by the passion of the captain (Leadbitter) this week. But the togetherness doesn’t stop there, there are the 10,000 strong, who alongside the team, are heading to Old Trafford to show them what we are made of; Steel – in both hearts and minds.

One thing we can be sure of is that we will give them a game, and for us, there is no pressure. No one outside of the Boro expects a Championship side to come away from playing Man United with a win but… Let’s not forget the amazing victory at their rivals, Man City, last year; not to mention the fine effort at Liverpool, taking them to more Penalties than I think I have ever seen.

For me, this match is an opportunity to give a little freedom to our play, try things out and attempt to be more fluid. We have nothing to lose. Yes we’d love a cup run but we all know where our real focus is, so throw caution to the wind – yeah, try and do the things we already do well but this is an opportunity to take a few risks.

The last time we played United we lost 0-2 at home but United are arguably not the same side they were then and with the exception of Stewy Downing, we aren’t the same side either; we had Marlon King and Aliadiere up front back in 2009! As shocking as that is, in all seriousness, we have better attributes and a better way of playing, despite being in the Championship. Now we are more organised and less likely to concede with more of a belief than ever before.

My in-laws are all Man United fans, with my wife’s father being a United season ticket holder – this basically means that I’ve heard all too well what ups and downs they have been having; which is a large contrast to what we have generally been feeling as Boro fans since Aitor took over.

Anyone looking from the outside in may think United is a safe bet but we know all too well that we might, just might, pull this off. #believe

Up the Boro #UTB

Russ (@irussJ)

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  • Tina

    That’s the pecfret insight in a thread like this.


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